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PPG Hellas as a leading manufacturer of paramotor and paratrike gear in the industry focuses in providing safe, comfortable and suitable gear for any paramotor pilot, from the beginner to the most advanced competition pilot. Our lead designer and fabricator is a paramotor pilot with over 25 years of experience. Every new design undertakes long and rigid test cycles to prove its safety, purpose and comfort. Our gear is tested against safety, strength, comfort, manoeuvrability and stress standards by expert pilots and athletes in the sport.

PPG Hellas have invented the revolutionary S-arms, that in our days have become a standard in every paramotor gear.

Over the years we have a proven record of safe, strong, and reliable products that can reach up to 5 years manufacturer’s warranty;

We are capable to deliver any custom order including different materials, special sizes, tandem gears, special paramotor/paratrike orders and wing rigging satisfying the requirements of the most demanding recreational and competition pilots.

Our excellent manufacturing and support record for a decade gives us the confidence to assure the safety, comfort, joy and advanced requirements of any paramotor pilot.