About PPGHellas

We are loyal and committed to our customers

PPG Hellas was established in 2006 as a leading manufacturer of paramotor and paratrike gear in the industry. The concept of our products is to provide safe, comfortable and suitable gear for any paramotor pilot, from the beginner to the most advanced competition pilot. Over the years our services have extended to professional training, support and setup of paramotor operations.

Our lead designer and fabricator is a paramotor pilot with over 25 years of experience. Every new design undertakes long and rigid test cycles to prove its safety, purpose and comfort. Our gear is tested against safety, strength, comfort, manoeuvrability and stress standards by expert pilots and athletes in the sport.

PPG Hellas have invented the revolutionary S-arms, that in our days have become a standard in every paramotor gear.

Over the years we have a proven record of safe, strong, and reliable products that can reach up to 5 years manufacturer’s warranty; (given our gear is maintained under the company’s recommendations and bi-annual inspections).

We are capable to deliver any custom order including different materials, special sizes, tandem gears, special paramotor/paratrike orders and wing rigging satisfying the requirements of the most demanding recreational and competition pilots.

Our excellent manufacturing and support record for a decade gives us the confidence to assure the safety, comfort, joy and advanced requirements of any paramotor pilot.


Our Principles:

No.1: Safety

PPG Hellas is taking very seriously the safety of the paramotor pilots and community. As designers of paramotor equipment, we feel responsible for the safety standards of our gear and the overall safety standards in the sport. We are involved in paramotoring for the past 25 years and we are monitoring every incident in the field, assuring that root causes associated to the gear are mitigated in our range of products.

PPG Hellas have addressed the following safety standards of paramotoring in all their designs and products:

a. Paramotor weight: We manufacture one of the lightest and toughest gears in the market assuring the safety of the beginner and the competiveness of the athlete pilots.

b. Paramotor torque: Our torque cancelling design assures the outmost safety of any pilot.

c. Harness safety and comfort : Over the years we have developed one of the most safe, comfortable and easy to operate harnesses in the industry.

d. Balance between gear and pilot safety: Our gear assures the outmost safety of the pilot (Passive Safety) and the sustainable safety of the gear, e.g. easy to repair cage-frame.

We are maintaining an open dialogue with the enthusiasts and athletes in the sport in order to assure that our products meet the requirements of the pilots and the progress of the sport.


No.2: Fit for purpose

PPG Hellas is seriously taking the input/feedback from its pilots, customers and paramotor community. In considering the input from beginner and expert pilots, the root causes of incidents and concerns, we arrive to the conclusion that a “fit for purpose” gear plays a critical role in avoiding these root causes. Our philosophy is to provide the right gear in every stage of the paramotor pilot in a convenient and efficient manner, e.g.:

a. We are able to provide one of the strongest and lightest gears in the industry assuring a suitable weight both for beginners and competition pilots in the sport.

b. Our design have eliminated the propeller torque in our products.

c. Our harness is the safest and most comfortable in the industry. (Acknowledged by all our pilots in any skill level).

d. Our products prioritise the pilot’s safety. Our modular design makes service easy and affordable.

e. PPG Hellas is manufacturing every gear available in the sport. This assures that all our pilots have the professional gear they need for recreational or competition purposes and we are their ‘one-stop shop’.

f. Our safety and training seminars are bringing the latest information and developments in the field in an open discussion with all the paramotor pilots, mechanics, instructors and operation managers.


No.3: Efficiency & Effectiveness

PPG Hellas measures its success based on our contribution to the paramotor sport , customers, clubs and communities we support. Efficiency and effectiveness applies to our designs, products and business models. We have created the leanest models in the market to allow any pilot to progress in the sport at an affordable price. For larger clubs and operations we are engaging with their management in developing partnership models that delivers your objectives at the most efficient and effective manner. The key advantages in our service delivery are:

Quality: We are the only manufacturer to provide up to 5 years warranty on our frames and 2 years on the engines.

Flexibility: Our gear is modular so it can be upgraded without the need of purchasing an all-new gear. We can easily upgrade the engine on our frames and assure that the new engine is fully configured for optimal operation.

Value: The excellent quality of our materials, guarantees our gear retains its value for a good number of years.

Price: As the core team of PPG Hellas are expert paramotor pilots, the cost of Research and Development (R&D) is our passion than an overhead that the customer should absorb. As a result, our customers are enjoying the best gears in the market in the most affordable price.

Our mission is to develop the sport and support the paramotoring community at the most reasonable price.


No.4: Maintainability

PPG Hellas mission goes beyond building and selling safe, reliable, comfortable, customisable, full range paramotor gear; we are offering ongoing support to our pilots in their entire paramotor career.

Communication: We are reachable at any time via phone or email for any query that may arise.

Convenience: The wearable parts of our gear are available with us and can be immediately shipped to you.

For larger operations:

We can provide technical training to remote technicians so they are able to undertake regular maintenance and service of our gear.

Upon reservation, we can visit your site and perform scheduled maintenance routines.

We offer support contracts tailored to your needs and assure that your gear remains always airworthy and under warranty.

Our objective is to minimize the service/maintenance/support overhead of the pilots and paramotor operations so the pilots/clubs can focus on their training, development and competition objectives.


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